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About Netfleek

About netfleek

Netfleek is an all in one ad free social network that gathers the best features of social networks in one place, You can share anything anonymously via 280 character posts or photos that will stay 24 hours on netfleek, Unless you have an account which will make them permanent and reveal your username.

We want to provide a truly open and free social media where you can share anything with the minimal restriction possible while keeping your privacy 100% private.

We built netfleek around the idea of gathering the best features of social media apps and websites into one place that protect user privacy and the freedom to share anything.

Disclaimer: the goal behind netfleek isn’t to compete with any other social network on the web and definitely we will not.

Our Mission:

Bringing the best of social media into one platform while protecting user privacy and freedom in the process.

Terms of Service

Netfleek is a free open social platform, And people have the full power to share anything with anyone at anytime without any restriction or violation of their privacy.
But since our post ranking system currently has no post categorizations we do have only one role.

NSFW content is not allowed on netfleek, Why ? Because every post on netfleek may eventually have a chance of ranking into our homepage, It won’t be appropriate to show NSFW content without filtration.

So if you happen to share NSFW content, then your post will be immediately removed. But your account won’t be affected, However if the incident occurs more frequently with your account, you might be subject to suspension.

Privacy Policy

We take privacy seriously on netfleek and we built the site around it from the start.

We don’t track user activity, we don’t log user information except for the obvious staff ( posts, comments, likes ).

Well how do we manage to get our analytics ? Our analytics system relays on only general information such as likes, comments, replays and searches. And since we don’t serve ads those info is used only for site growth analytics.

Who do we share your info with ? well actually no one, We don’t and never will share your personal information with anyone and we work so hard to keep your privacy private forever.

Do we use external analytic tool ? well yeah since our own version of analytic system is still in beta we now use Google analytics which uses general non identifying data to analyse site growth.